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Natural Alternatives to Anti-Aging & Preventative Care For Women. 

At Mersman Wellness, Dr. Jenifer Mersman offers   research based medicine to create an individualized care program.  Taking a whole health approach to each person as a unique individual. 



Take the guess work out of getting healthy and call today for more information!

What to expect at Mersman Wellness

Telemedicine is offered at this time.  Have a private consultation from the comfort of your own home.  


Dr. Jenifer Mersman utilizes multiple alternative modalities based on your individual needs.

Understanding all forms of healthcare are needed to achieve your desired results in a safe and natural way. 

Are you concerned with the following:

     Anti-aging / Prevention for Women

     Autoimmune Conditions

     Pain Management

     Skin Care 

           Treating internally & externally

     Vaginal Health 



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